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Food Additives Checker (E Numbers)

Find out what you eat. First food additives checker, which you will love using while shopping.

Do you know, what is in your food?

Food additives known also as “E Numbers” in EU and Australia, are substances used to enhance the appearance and flavor of the food and prolong the shelf life. Some of them are safe, but some can be very dangerous and cause side effects, allergic reactions or hyperactivity. Food Additives checker helps you to make knowledgeable decisions of what food to buy.


Excellent app, very easy to use and an absolute must for vegans/ vegetarians!! by EmZig, United Kingdom
Very helpful app for those with children who cannot have E numbers in their food. I have even recommended this app to my friends. I didn't realise just how many foods have harmful additives and preservatives. I use this app daily. Alibobs101, United Kingdom
Helps me keep the bad stuff out of the basket and the good stuff in it :) Orri Pall Dyrason, United Kingdom
Great app Iove this when I am shopping I can easily check was bad additives our food has in it. Who new how bad some of them are and what reaction they can have on us. There should be more regulation to what is in our food by Natwhit, Australia
Awesome, makes life a bit easier in choosing snacks and meals for my children. Thank you. Lottee123, Australia


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